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Homework Expecations

Why consistent homework completion is VERY important:

Homework is assigned to reinforce what has been taught in class, to prepare students for upcoming lessons and assessments, and to help students develop self-discipline, responsibility, and organizational skills.

As with any mathematics course, PreCalculus is cumulative so it is imperative that students fully understand the concepts in order to successfully grasp the upcoming units.34 Students are encouraged to come for extra help ASAP and seek out additional practice problems if they are experiencing any difficulties with a certain type of problem.

Consistent completion of homework and the use of the assignments as learning tools is one of the keys to success in this course!34

Student Responsibilities

  • Formatting: Label all homework assignments by section (i.e. 1.3) in the upper right hand corner.34 Be careful to correctly follow the assignment sheet and do the problems assigned for that night.34 If you complete any part of the assignment with a classmate then please put his/her name next to the problem.34 Remember that even if you work together your paper should reflect your understanding!
  • Meeting Criteria: Generally homework checks are based on effort.34 In order to receive full credit on homework checks, you must meet the following criteria:
    1. You must attempt all problems that are assigned.
    2. You must show all work that supports your answer.34 Write down your thought process so it is clear how you arrived at a solution.
    3. You must correct all of the odd problems using the answer key in the back of the book.34 In addition to simply marking your answers correct or incorrect, you must review class and textbook examples and attempt to figure out any problem(s) you got wrong.3434 It will be more beneficial to your understanding of the material if you work through a problem again on your own or with a classmate rather than just wait to go over in class.
  • Asking Questions: When you enter the classroom, please put the numbers to the problems you want to go over on the whiteboard.34 If a number already appears on the board, please check it.34 A selection of those problems will be discussed.
  • Being Responsible: If you are absent for a class, it is YOUR responsibility to have the assignment that was due on the day of your absence checked when you return.34 Also, read the next section and do your best to attempt the next assignment listed on your chapter assignment sheet.
  • Not missing or forgetting your assignment: We will go over any questions on the homework assignment the day it is due and thus late assignments are not accepted unless there are extenuating circumstances which have been discussed either in person or via email prior to class.3434 If you do not complete an assignment you will get zero which will negatively impact your grade.
  • Following Through: If you struggle with a particular type of homework problem, be sure to complete more problems of that variety.34 Just because you may follow the explanation given in class when we go over homework and understand it, does not necessarily mean that you can do the problem on your own the next day so remember to practice, practice, practice!

Parent’s Homework Responsibilities

Reinforce the importance of homework completion.34 Please provide students with the necessary materials and space to complete their assignments.34 If homework completion is a struggle for your child, a parent may be asked to check the assignment online and check their child’s work each night.34 Parents are encouraged to contact Mr. Baroody if they have any questions or concerns.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Creating/Informing: To create homework assignment sheets so that students and parents are always aware of the assignments and upcoming assessment dates.34 Assignment sheets are prepared for each chapter and are posted online.
  • Assessing: Homework checks will be conducted in the following forms:
    1. A quick scan of the entire assignment.
    2. A check of one particular problem from the assignment.34 Accuracy is considered.
    3. Peer checks.
    4. Collection of the assignment.
    5. A homework check in bell work problem.34 You are given a problem(s) that are similar to homework as bell work and that problem is collected and graded for accuracy.
  • Helping: To provide students and parents with suggestions in order to assure that homework assignments are valuable learning tools.
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