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PreCalculus FAQ

FAQ: Mr. Baroody's Class Routines/Expectations

Q: What do I need to purchase for this class?

A: A three ring binder that is about 1.5” wide.3┌4 A Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator (TI-84, TI-84 Plus, TI-83) will be used extensively in the classroom and for homework.3┌4 Get approval before purchasing another brand.3┌43┌4Extra Credit3┌4Opportunity:3┌4 Bring in Proof of Purchase barcode for a bonus point.

Q: How do I have to organize my binder?

A: Your binder will contain notes (some guided, some on lined paper), homework, extra practice handouts, tests/quizzes, and grade reports.3┌43┌4 You may make sections for each category or organize your notebook chronologically by chapter.3┌4

Q: What do I need to bring to class each day?

A: Your math binder with the completed assignment, your calculator, and a writing utensil (pencil).3┌4 You do not need to bring your book to class however it must be kept covered.3┌4 Books are available in the math office and can be signed out by students for use during DRs.3┌4

Q: What is expected of me when I enter the classroom?

A: Pick up materials (often prepared notes) at the front, complete the bell work (either an SAT problem or a review problem3┌4displayed by projector), take out your homework, and put homework questions up on the board.

Q: How is my grade calculated?

A: Quarter grades will be determined by weighted averages. The three categories are3┌4assessments/projects SAT packets and homework/classwork.3┌4The3┌4latter is based almost entirely on effort, but occasionally a homework or in class exercise will be collected and graded for accuracy. Once each category average is calculated, then the overall grade is calculated by weighing3┌4assessment/projects 84%, SAT packets 8% and homework/classwork 8%.

Q: Will I be given advance notice of tests and quizzes?

A: Of course!3┌4 Chapter assignment sheets are posted online at the beginning of each chapter and provide ample notice of scheduled assessments.Expect about one per cycle.

Q: Will I know my academic standing?

A: Grade reports are given after every major assessment, about once a cycle.3┌4 If you think your grade report has an error, be sure to bring it to Mr. Baroody’s attention as soon as possible after receiving a grade report.

Q: What do I do if I miss class?

A: Try to complete the next assignment if you can.3┌4 Be sure to pick up any distributed sheets when you return to school.3┌4 Remember it is your responsibility to show Mr. Baroody your homework that may have been checked when you missed class.3┌4 Make a photocopy of a classmate’s completed notes.3┌4 If you know in advance that you will miss class, check in with Mr. Baroody.

Q: What do I do if I miss a test/quiz?

A: See Mr. Baroody or send him an email ASAP to let him know when (any DR, after or before school) you will take the make-up.3┌43┌4 If you know you will be absent on the day of an assessment, arrange a make-up time in advance!

Q: What do I do with tests/quizzes that are returned to me?

A: You are expected to learn from errors made on assessments.3┌4 Assessment corrections will be assigned and are usually due a couple of days after assessment is returned.3┌4 Write your corrections on a separate piece of paper and attach to the test or quiz. You may start the correction from the point of error and finish correctly. If it is a problem where the error is small and you3┌4are not able to redo the problem, instead explain in words what went wrong, what you should have done and why. Corrections may be collected and checked for either an assignment check or points back on your assessment.3┌4

Q: When is extra help offered?

A: Extra help is available as indicated on your class HW calendar.3┌4 Please be sure to3┌4plan ahead3┌4and coordinate with Mr. Baroody because he has mostly Freshman who need a lot of extra help!

Q: How is homework checked?

A: Generally homework is checked for effort, however see the separate handout regarding homework expectations for more details.

Q: What if I accidentally forget to bring my homework to class, can I get credit for it the next day?

A: Late homework assignments are not accepted unless there are extenuating circumstances since it is reviewed in class, but bonus homeworks will be available each term and can replace a missing homework.3┌4 Please see homework policy.

Q: Is there a chance to earn extra credit?

A: There are just a3┌4few opportunities for extra credit including bonus assignments and some optional projects.3┌4 Also, bonus questions also appear on some assessments.

Q: Do you round?

A: Yes, but not automatically.3┌4 Class participation and/or extra help effort are also considered when rounding so a grade of 89.2% could possibly become an A-, but it could also stay a B+. Assume that I will round correctly to the nearest whole number.

Q: What happens if I accidentally forget my calculator?

A: If you forget your calculator, you need to find someone to borrow one from (not in your class) or go without one. I do not recommend this on test and quiz days. Be responsible and bring your calculator every day to avoid this issue.

Q: Any other class rules that I need to know about?

A: Yes, here is more to know:

  • Playing calculator games during class lessons will result in a detention.
  • Texting or cell phone use of any kind prohibited and will result in a detention for first offense with more consequences possible including me taking your phone to the office.
  • Cell phones that ring or beep during class will be taken and possibly answered.
  • Tardy to class without a pass (except if from science wing) will result in detentions after an initial warning.
  • Cheating is strictly prohibited and all students are required to sign an acknowledgement of the cheating policy.
  • All students are expected to be respectful and understanding of one anotherÉs learning styles.3┌4 Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • All school rules outlined in the handbook will be adhered to.

Q: Any advice for a successful year?

A: Do your homework consistently for understanding, not just to get credit for the homework check.3┌4 Complete extra problems and review your notes often.3┌4 Challenge yourselfőfor many students, Precalculus is not easy breezy so keep working towards your goals and don’t give up!3┌4 Ask questions and learn from your mistakes.3┌4 Attend extra help sessions prepared with questions if possible.3┌4 Finally if you are struggling, seek out help and support.


Thank you very much for reading this FAQ form.3┌4

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Baroody

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