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Class Notes


From this page, you'll be able to link to various sets of class notes that I will have shown you on the SmartBoard during the year. These are the notes for the class that you'll be using all year!

Chapter 1 - Introducing Geometry

Chapter 2 - Basic Concepts & Proofs

Chapter 3 - Congruent Triangles

Chapter 4 - Lines in the Plane

Chapter 5 - Parallel Lines and Related Figures

Chapter 6 - Lines and Planes in Space

Chapter 7 - Polygons

Mid-Year Exam Materials

Chapter 8 - Similar Polygons

Chapter 9 - The Pythagorean Theorem

Chapter 10 - Circles

Chapter 11 - Area

Chapter 12 - Surface Area & Volume

Chapter 13 - Coordinate Geometry

Final Exam

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