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Pine Street

For almost 20 years, every couple of weeks, I have taken a group of kids in to serve breakfast at the Pine Street Inn - Boston's largest emergency homeless shelter. I think the way it was talked about in the 2009 yearbook says a lot about the experience:

"Sleep? Who needs it? The Pine Street van leaves the D-S parking lot promptly at 5 a.m. If you haven't dragged yourself out of bed, thrown your clothes on, and stumbled out the door, you'll miss all the fun. D-S student volunteers wake up early on these Fridays perhaps a little disoriented and delirious, but always ready for a great, fast-moving morning. The van ride offers the lull of mellow acoustic, classic rock, and soulful sounds along with the occasional heavy, pounding techno. The rush of the morning continues with the serving of breakfast to a seemingly endless line of people. While furiously washing the accumulating stack of trays and dishes, the ridiculous ambition that you will find time to study for your history test between leaving Boston and the 2nd period bell actually seems plausible. We all know that never works.The lively conversations there and back ("What's said in the van stays in the van") and the overall experiences we have shared on these mornings are irreplaceable. And to could have slept in."

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are not currently able to go in to the Inn to help out. I'm hoping that this might change as the year progresses, though, so keep up your interest and hopefully things will change!

If we are able to start up again, the schedule for our jaunts in to Boston will be indicated on my schedule on the appropriate Fridays!

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