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Below is are a few pictures of Sam Baker, who taught at Wellesley High School but retired at the end of this 2005-2006 school year. Sam influenced me a lot during my time working with him in the 1999-2000 school year. I thank him often for giving me a great perspective on teaching, how to enjoy it, and how best to work with students.

Sam collected enough ties over the years to wear a different one every day without repeating any for a whole school year. He decided that at the end of every day in his last year, he could retire another tie. He displayed them in his room and the picture below shows the first term's worth of ties! And you guys wonder where I get my weirdness from?

Sam Baker Ties - Term 1

Here's Sam with his end of the semester picture!

Sam Baker Ties - Term 2

Here's the end of Q3....

Sam Baker Ties - Term 3

And click here for the whole year!

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