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Congruent Supplements and Complements - Lesson 2-4

Today, after going over homework, we talked about theorems 4 - 7.  These should make sense to you if you just think about them a little bit....remember to draw pictures!

Theorems 4 - 7

We then took on the task of proving Theorem 6.  This is where things got a little dicey for many of you.  You're resisting the whole idea of proving something...don't do that.  For now, just make sure that you can follow the logic of the proof shown below.  It's really important for you to not get too frustrated and for you to not resist this stuff....if you take the time to follow it step by step, you'll see that it really does make sense.  You're not going to be comfortable with these things for quite a while, but you will get there eventually.  Hang in there!  My suggestion to you would be to make sure you can follow this proof and then try proving theorems 4, 5, and 7 (we did theorem 7 in class also).  You can do it!!

Theorem 6 Proof

Finally, I've included the proof of HW problem #16....make sure you can follow the logic here as well and remember, the more you do this, the easier it will become...don't resist it!!

Homework Problem #16

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