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Transitive & Substitution Properties - Lesson 2-7

Today, we covered two new theorems and one really cool property....we started by proving the Transitive Property.  This one should look really familiar and straight forward to you now...Ask yourself, "what does it mean to be congruent."  "What does it mean for angles to have the same measure?"

Transitive Property Proof

Another version of this theorem is very should be able to understand what would be given and what the conclusion would be (by using this theorem):

Transistive Property (Theorem 17)


We ended by covering the Substitution Property.  This one is cool since it can really shorten some of these proofs!  One example is shown below.  It'd be a bummer to have to write all the steps to making this conclusion, wouldn't it?  With the Substitution Property, we can do it in one fell swoop!

Substitution Postulate

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