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Stuff to know for the Chapter 7/8 Test


  1. Names of polygons (triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, etc...)
  2. How to find the sum of the interior angles of an n-sided polygon
  3. How to find the sum of the exterior angles of an n-sided polygon
  4. How to find the number of diagonals for an n-sided polygon
  5. What a regular polygon is and how to find the measure of one interior or exterior angle of a regular polygon
  6. The definition of ratio and proportion
  7. The means-extremes products theorem
  8. The means-extremes ratio theorem
  9. How to find the arithmetic and geometric mean of two numbers
  10. How to find the nth proportional of three numbers where n is 1, 2, 3, or 4
  11. The definition of similar polygons
  12. Theorem 61 (the ratio of the perimeters of two similar polygons equals the ratio of any pair of corresponding sides)
  13. Methods of proving triangles similar (AA~, SAS~, SSS~)
  14. The Side-Splitter Theorem
  15. The Side-Splitter Theorem applied to parallel lines (Theorem 66)
  16. The Angle Bisector Theorem

Types of Problems

  • Proofs
  • Lots of sum of interior angles, sum of exterior angles, finding the measure of interior angle given the others, etc.
  • Diagrams of triangles, parallel lines with some givens - need to find other lengths, angle, etc. using various techniques (including proportions)
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