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The Circle - Lesson 10-1

Wow...we reviewed quite a few notes about circles they are, starting with circle, the center of a circle, and the radius of a circle:

Basic Definitions related to Circles

We then looked at congruent circles and concentric circles:

Definition of Congruent Circles

Definition of Concentric Circles

Next, we defined what interior, exterior, and on the circle meant:

Interior, Exterior, On Definitions

We then defined chords, diameters, and secants:

Definition of Chord

Definition of Diameter

Definition of Secant

Next, we defined a tangent to a circle and the distance from the center of a circle to a chord.

Definition of a Tangent to a circle

Definition of the Distance from the Center to a Chord

We wrapped up by discussing three theorems related to chords:

Theorems 73 & 74

Theorem 75

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