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What to know for the Chapter 11 Test


  • Median of a trapezoid
  • Apothem of a regular polygon
  • Radius of a regular polygon
  • Sector of a circle
  • Segment of a circle
  • Annulus


  • Area of a rectangle
  • Congruent shapes have congruent areas
  • Area of the union of polygons is the same as the sum of their individual areas
  • Area of a circle
  • Circumference of a circle


  • Area of a parallelogram (Theorem 98)
  • Area of a triangle (Theorem 99)
  • Area of a trapezoid (Theorem 100)
  • The length of a median of a trapezoid (Theorem 101)
  • Area of a trapezoid using the Median (Theorem 102)
  • Area of a kite (Theorem 103)
  • Area of a regular triangle (Theorem 104)
  • Area of a regular polygon (Theorem 105)
  • Area of a sector of a circle (Theorem 106)
  • Area of a segment of a circle
  • Area of an annulus
  • Similar Figures Theorem (Theorem 107)
  • Median areas theorem (Theorem 108)
  • Hero's Formula (Theorem 109)
  • Brahmagupta's Formula (Theorem 110)

Problem Types

  • Finding areas (parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, kite, regular polygons, sector, segment, annulus)
  • Finding side, part (e.g., altitude, median, etc.) lengths based on a given area
  • Finding the ratio of areas of polygons
  • Finding the ratio of areas of similar polygons
  • Finding the area of triangles using Hero's Formula
  • Finding the area of cyclic quadrilaterals using Brahmagupta's Formula
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