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Graphing Equations - Lesson 13-1

Today we reviewed how to graph lines. This should be really easy for you. Remember y = mx + b!!

Procedure for Graphing Lines in slope-intercept form

This leads to Theorem 118...something that should be pretty familiar to you:

Theorem 118 - Slope-Intercept Form for the Equation of a Line

Now, there are a number of things we can do once we have the equation of a line. We can determine it's x and y-intercepts, we can determine it's slope (the change in y (vertical movement) relative to changes in x (horizontal movement)), and we can determine if a given point in (x,y) form is on the line (e.g., if a line's equation is y = 4x - 2, does the point (4,3) lie on that line?).

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