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Graphing Inequalities - Lesson 13-4

Today, we learned about graphing inequalities. We started by reviewing the following hints for doing this:

Hints for Graphing Inequalities

Then we did the following example:

Example of Graphing an Inequality

For the example, we took the following steps:

  1. Put the equation in y = mx + b form: y > -x + 10.
  2. Graphed the line y = -x + 10...we did this as a dotted line since the inequality is just >, not > or =.
  3. Plugged the point (0, 0) into the equation to see if it resulted in a true didn't (0 is not > 10), so we shaded on the side of the line opposite to (0, 0).

That's it! you should be able to do problems that use these techniques now!

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