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Circles - Lesson 13-6

Today, we learned the general form for the equation of a circle:

Theorem 121 - The Equation of a Circle

Then we did the following example:

Example 1

This example should have been straight forward...simply replace h with 1, k with 5 and r with 4 in the general equation. We then did the following example:

Example 2

Again, this should have been relatively're just going backwards using the equation to determine (h, k) and r. We finished by doing the following:

Example 3

This was a little more complex, requiring you to remember how to complete the square. The key is to remember that whatever you add to one side of the equation, you must also add to the other (balance your equation!!)! Hopefully, this makes sense to you.

That's it! We worked on homework for the rest of the've completed geometry!!

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