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Four Sided Polygons - Lesson 5-4

Today, we defined a whole bunch of stuff. We started with polygons and things related to them:

Definition of a Polygon


We then discussed diagonals of polygons and how these can be used to define convex and concave polygons:

Definition of a Polygon and Convex


Definition of Concave Polygon

We then talked about how we name polygons...essentially, you pick any vertex and name all the vertices in order from there in either direction. Just make sure to use all the vertices and don't mess up the order, and you'll be all set!

Naming a Polygon

We then move on to define a bunch of special parallelograms...make sure you know these definitions, as we'll be going through a number of properties for each of these and you'll have to know when something is due to the definition vs. being due to a property!

Definition of a Parallelogram


Definition of a Rhombus


Definition of a Rectangle


Definition of a Square


Definition of a Kite


Definition of a Trapezoid


Definition of an Isosceles Trapezoid

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