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Review of Radicals and Quadratic Equations - Lesson 9-1

Today, we reviewed how to manipulate reduce square roots to their lowest form - the only form I'll accept! We started by trying to factor the number under the square root symbol. We were looking for factors that were perfect squares:

Reducing Radicals using Perfect Square Factoring

However, we all thought that that was a pain, so I told you the "Square Root Jail" story - remember? Here are a few examples of how that works. If you don't remember how to do it, come to extra help!!!

Get Out of Jail!

At this point, we looked at simplifying square roots that are being multiplied together:

Multiplying Radicals

We wrapped up by looking at how to simplify the square roots of fractions. Remember - never leave a square root in the denominator of a fraction!!

Fractions of Radicals

You need to be able to manipulate square roots easily and quickly - make sure you understand all of this and practice, practice, practice!!

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