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On this page, you'll find the comic strips I featured on my web page during the 2002-2003 school year.  They're ordered from oldest to newest...enjoy!

03-05-11 - I think there are a few of you out there who have had this conversation...

03-04-20 - OK, I'll admit it...I think Ruben should walk away with this thing...

03-04-20 Boondocks

03-04-13 - You ever feel this way?

03-04-13 Zits

03-04-12 - Yep...this is the way I feel about it...

03-04-12 Boondocks

03-03-30 - OK, so I usually stay away from political stuff on my site, but this particular strip seemed appropriate somehow...

03-03-30 Doonesbury

03-03-30 - Of course, Jeremy made me laugh again as well...

03-03-30 Zits

03-03-23 - Umm....yeah

03-03-23 Zits

03-03-16 - Sometimes I feel like Jeremy's mom when I'm walking down the halls of school...

03-03-16 Zits

03-03-09 - These guys definitely have teenaged sons or daughters...

03-03-09 Zits

03-03-09 - This is about the use I get out of my digital Bridger...he really uses his!

03-03-09 For Better or For Worse

03-03-02 - Hopefully, this doesn't happen to you too often....

03-03-02 Zits

03-02-26 - OK, we got a little silly in my morning geometry class today...(this actually started as a circle, but went astray pretty quickly!)...


Which , of course, drew a response from my afternoon geometry class!

Face 2

03-02-26 - You don't know how lucky you have it when you're your age....enjoy it now!!

03-02-26 Zits

03-02-23 - Is this your issue some days?

03-02-23 Zits

03-02-14 - OK, it's Valentine's Day, so here's the Valentine's Day Comic...

03-02-14 Arlo & Janis

03-02-14 - And here are the two comics that I thought were really funny today!  For instance...I don't know that I've ever heard a better explanation for the existence of a higher being!

03-02-14 Boondocks

03-02-14 - And finally, one for you guys...ever feel this way about your parents?  They are doing it in your best interest, you know...

03-02-14 Zits

03-02-07 - As an aside - I know that "Zits" is most often the featured comic on my site, but it just hits the right buttons - you know what I mean? might feel like Jeremy does about exercise, but I just want you to know that a different day is's just a matter of time before you'll be telling everyone about "that great mountain bike ride or run" you had the other day...(either that or I'm just going insane at an early age!)

03-02-07 Zits

03-02-06 - Yes, there are such things as letter openers!

03-02-06 Zits

03-02-02 - Finally, some clarification on an issue I've argued (correctly, mind you) with many of you!

03-02-02 Zits

03-01-25 - Don't try this technique on your math homework!!

03-01-25 Zits

03-01-13 - I hope your heads aren't this full right now...where will all that mid-year exam information fit?

03-01-13 Zits

03-01-12 - I'm starting to fell a little like Zipper, particularly given the ridiculous amount of space taken up on my computer by music!

03-01-12 Doonesbury

03-01-09 - Is this why you guys are always so tired??

03-01-09 Zits

02-12-31 - You feel like you're in prison?

02-12-31 Zits

02-11-29 - hmmm...sound familiar?

02-11-29 Zits

02-11-24 - do have a lot for which to be thankful....remember to pass those compliments during our vacation...

02-11-24 Zits

02-11-17 - Me too...

02-11-17 Stone Soup

02-11-17 - You ever had one that didn't hold water?

02-11-17 Zits

02-11-13 - Think he's watching you?

02-11-13 Heart of the City

02-11-10 - Do you ever feel this way at dinner with your folks?  I know I did...but, trust me, you get over it with time!

02-11-10 Zits

02-11-02 - Know anyone like this???

02-11-02 Zits

02-10-20 - OK, I couldn't pick just one this week....these both seemed appropriate and made me laugh!

02-10-20 Zits

02-10-20 Stone Soup

02-10-10 - Hmm...I think I've heard both of these habits in the halls at DSHS....

02-10-10 Zits

02-09-29 - Maybe being a teenager with homework isn't so bad???

02-09-29 Curtis

02-09-15 - Hmmm...this seems like a familiar refrain around DSHS as well....

02-09-15 Zits

02-09-11 - Remember...

02-09-11 Remember

02-09-01 - This is my kind of student!!

02-09-01 Fox Trot


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