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On this page, you'll find the comic strips I featured on my web page during the 2006-2007 school year. They're ordered from newest to oldest...enjoy!

07-06-16 - What a great way to end the year's comics...thanks to all of you for a great year and have a great summer full of Saturdays!

07-06-16 Red & Rover

07-06-10 - Ah yes...the joys of summer!

07-06-10 Fox Trot

07-05-16 - Given how bad I am at Sudoku, I'd be much better of this way...

07-05-16 Pluggers

  ...and I have to admit that I laughed out loud when I read this one...

07-05-16 Stone Soup

07-05-07 - Ever feel this way?

07-05-07 Zits

07-05-03 - Whatever you do...don't get all "mathy!"

07-04-21 Dilbert

07-04-19 - I love that lecture!!! What is Heart's issue?

07-04-19 Heart of the City

07-04-05 - Hmm...I hope you don't fall in to Danae's way of thinking....

07-04-05 Non Sequitur

07-03-15 - ....and in Geometry, we just get done with the Pythagorean Theorem, and now we get hit with circles!  AAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!

07-03-15 Heart of the City

07-03-11 - Hopefully, you're more like Jason than Paige in this one....

07-03-11 Fox Trot

07-03-04 - Don't let that pressure wear you down...

07-03-04 Zits

07-02-25 - Hmmm....hope you don't have this problem too often!

07-02-25 Opus

07-02-11 - A little political, but the questions and the anagram made me laugh....

07-02-11 Opus

07-02-04 - This seems about right!

07-02-04 Stone Soup

07-02-04 - Are you as excited as Jason?

07-02-04 Fox Trot

07-01-31 - Ah...I know that's what I'll be doing on a snow day...if we ever have any snow!

07-01-31 Rose is Rose

07-01-30 - I think you know my philosophy on snow days...I'm with Pasquale!

07-01-30 Rose is Rose

07-01-19 - Well...this made me think of my dad...his birthday was today and we had a few of these "talks" in our day.  Oh, and by the way....our music is better!

07-01-19 Zits

07-01-12 - 12 days into the year and we have our first math could it have taken so long???!!!????

07-01-12 Rose is Rose

07-01-02 - Here's something good to think about as you begin to stress about those mid year exams...try to chill a little over the next couple of weeks....Happy New Year!

06-12-31 Pluggers

06-12-21 - Finally!!  A holiday oriented one that hits home (at least for Shasta and me!!)

06-12-21 Red & Rover

06-12-20 - Let's hope we all have some time to do this sort of thing over vacation, huh?!

06-12-20 Zits

06-12-13 - Try this out at might get a shocked reaction (but I hope not!)...

06-12-13 Zits

06-12-05 - Ahhh....the explanation!!  Remember, our quiz on Friday is a Chapter 5 quiz - Sections 5.1 - 5.3!!

06-12-05 Heart of the City

06-12-04 - Happy December!  I hope you don't feel this way after last week's test.....

06-12-04 Heart of the City

06-11-30 - Have you brought in your stuffed animal yet???????!!!!!!!!???????

06-11-30 Stuffed Animals?

06-11-28 - Is this the way you eat breakfast?  S L O W    D O W N ! ! ! !  I also just re-read the one I put up on Thanksgiving....if you haven't read it yet, you's all true!

06-11-28 Zits

06-11-23 - OK, this is a little heavy, but I get that way over the's a good message, so heed it!

06-11-23 Curtis

06-11-16 - The first one made me laugh since I perform the role of "calculator" at home and the second one was pretty apropos for some of you!

06-11-16 Pluggers

06-11-16 Zits

06-11-13 - You've probably thought this some over the last couple of weeks...please don't!  Thanks Josh!

06-11-13 ??

06-11-08 - Finally!  A real math comic again....or am I just being irrational??

06-11-08 Fox Trot

06-10-29 - Fortunately, I don't have this problem...

06-10-29 Zits

06-10-29 - I dread this day too....oh well, I guess we're really headed in to the dark days, huh?

09-10-29 Arlo & Janis

06-10-26 - Let's hope this isn't the case, huh?

06-10-26 Bliss

06-10-15 - OK, here's a quick and easy 5 points of extra credit for you (well...maybe not!).  If you get it done by Wednesday, 10/25, I'll give you bonus points.  However, you need to promise me that you didn't copy from anyone else and you have to explain, in writing, how you figured out each of the "starter" values.

06-10-15 Fox Trot

06-10-12 - Ever feel this way?

06-10-12 Mother Goose & Grimm

06-10-02 - OK, so this is pretty lame....but it was the best I could come up with over the last few weeks...blame the authors of the strips, not your good 'ole math teacher!!

06-10-02 Hagar the Horrible

06-10-12 Mother Goose & Grimm

06-09-21 - I agree...I don't know what I'd do without my DVR!  Math homework, on the other hand, is "all good!"

06-09-21 Heart of the City

06-09-20 - Don't try this one...

06-09-20 Heart of the City

06-09-19 - Ever feel this way?

06-09-19 Heart of the City

06-09-18 - There was a homework theme this weekend...there are two here, so keep paging down!

06-09-17 For Better or For Worse

06-09-18 Heart of the City

06-09-12 - Fractions are not that scary!!

06-09-12 Rose is Rose

06-09-11 - I hope you don't get this kind of reaction at home to your geometry homework!

06-09-11 Rose is Rose

06-09-10 - Hmmm....this is a thought...what do you think?

06-09-10 Fox Trot

06-09-01 - This is what I plan on doing over Labor Day weekend! I hope you are too!

06-09-01 Red & Rover

06-08-24 - I hope your not having these types of dreams, but who knows?!

06-08-24 Heart of the City

06-08-15 - I'm in line on the about you?

06-08-15 Non Sequitur


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