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On this page, you'll find the comic strips I featured on my web page during the 2010-2011 school year.  They're ordered from newest to oldest...enjoy!

11-06-21 -

Ah yes...S U M M E R!! Enjoy all...see you in September...

11-06-21 Red & Rover

11-06-6 -

I can't believe it...I've had tickets since 1994 and have seen a lot of bad hockey...I can say it was all worth it now...

Bruins win!


11-06-10 -

Hmm...doesn't really look like me, does it?! (Thanks, Robert...)

Baroody by Robert


11-05-16 -

We're getting there...can't wait for MY summer!

11-05-16 Stone Soup

11-05-16 -

It's more than just a few weeks away, but I am starting to get a few sniffs...

11-05-16 Adam @ Home

11-05-09 -

Don't get Heart's disease...we have a long way to go!

11-05-09 Heart of the City

11-04-28 -

I still read the paper every morning...

11-04-27 Fox Trot

11-04-27 -

Standards??? When do we do that?!

11-04-24 Stone Soup

11-04-24 -

Welcome back! Let's keep this in mind while we struggle through the next (gulp) nine weeks!

11-04-24 Zits

11-04-13 -

it will, it will...please believe me...I trust the Surgeon General and don't buy lottery tickets!

11-04-13 Frazz

11-04-04 -

25th? I refuse to stay in that position...more homework for you!! ;-)

11-04-04 Stone Soup

11-03-28 -

I want dual processors!!

11-03-28 Dilbert

11-03-24 -

What is it with trashing the iPad lately?

11-03-22 Bliss

11-03-21 -

I was having this feeling the other day for the iPad2....

11-03-21 Arlo & Janis

11-03-20 -

Woohoo!! Hope you're all psyched for Spring! It's supposed to snow...oh, and don't be like Max (in other words, keep you're warm clothes available!)!!

11-03-20 Stone Soup

11-03-15 -

We're almost there!

11-03-15 Heart of the City

11-03-15 -

This is for you, Conor....

11-03-15 Frazz

11-03-14 -

Happy Pi Day!!!

Don't use this strategy in math typically doesn't work (cough, em....Scott??!!)...

11-03-14 Frazz

11-03-14 -

Another misguided strategy...on Pi Day, no less!


11-03-13 -

...and yet another...woah, bad math karma in the comics lately!

11-03-13 For Better or For Worse

11-03-09 - Another old one, but probably appropriate as you start to get ready for the Chapter 9 test, huh?!

11-03-09 Calvin & Hobbes

11-03-07 - This is an old one, but apropos to our current weather situation...winter's not over folks!

11-03-07 FoxTrot Classics

11-03-01 - Can you believe it's March? I always wondered about the #2 pencil...

11-03-01 Pluggers

11-02-15 - Ha! This has been a sentence in my house for a number of years!!

11-02-15 Stone Soup

11-02-09 - Don't know if you've had this experience with me or not, but when asked "what's up?" I often respond by naming all sorts of things that are "up" from my perspective...I'm just glad I'm not Reuben!

11-02-09 Red & Rover

11-01-31 - Is it really the end of January? Where did the month go? This one is so typical of today's form of interaction between people. Do you text instead of actually talking?

11-01-31 Doonesbury

11-01-21 - Soon, your math skills will include trigonometry...yay!!

11-01-21 Red & Rover

11-01-19 - Good luck on exams...Shasta is just like Rover every single night...only, she doesn't get chips for it!

11-01-19 Red & Rover

11-01-13 - Welcome back...hope you had a great snow day...I also really hope that your math book ( don't have one!!) isn't this unused...

11-01-13 Heart of the City

11-01-12 - Keep those "jammies" on and enjoy the snow day!! I've updated the Blue & Yellow class homework calendars to reflect the snow day...

11-01-12 Stone Soup

11-01-11 - Have a ONE-derful Day!! This could be Persie, btw...

11-01-11 Heart of the City

11-01-03 - I hope you're not worrying about college already, but here's a thought...

11-01-03 Zits

10-12-21 - One of my favorite movies of all time...

10-12-18 Red & Rover

10-12-19 - Nice strategy...don't try it on your construction project!

10-12-17 Calvin Project 3

10-12-17 - And another...don't wait for your mom to help!

10-12-17 Calvin Project 3

10-12-14 - More from Calvin's project...the boy has some really bad strategies, huh?

10-12-14 Calving Classics

10-12-06 - I'd take calculus!

10-12-06 Fox Trot Classics

10-12-02 - The Construction Project made me remember this...don't be Calvin!

Another Calvin Project disaster!

10-11-30 - The Construction Project made me remember this...don't be Calvin!

Calvin Project 1

10-11-22 - Please don't bring me wormy apples...just tell me to my face!

10-11-23 Heart of the City

10-11-12 - Please don't bring me wormy apples...just tell me to my face!


10-11-19 - Yep...this has happened to me and I'm a math teacher!

10-11-19 Pluggers

10-11-10 - Nothing has floated my boat lately on the comics page...this made me smirk, so I figured I'd put it up just for a change!

10-11-10 Fox Trot Classics

10-10-29 - Happy Halloween from the Math Department!

10-10-29 Happy Halloween!

10-10-24 - Do your parents react this way when you get a good math test grade?!

10-10-20 Zits

10-10-20 - How long is that?!

10-10-20 Frazz

10-10-14 - Ever feel this way??

10-10-14 Zits

10-10-07 - I love Jason...

10-10-03 Foxtrot

10-10-02 - I like the way this guys thinks!

10-10-02 Rhymes with Orange

10-09-24 - Actually, our custodians are the "world's best," without a's just a matter of finding the cool things they do without anyone knowing!

10-09-24 Fox Trot Classics

10-09-16 - Let's all strive to be a Jason in geometry this year!

10-09-15 Fox Trot Classics

10-09-14 - Oh, those dreaded fractions...hope your soul wasn't crushed when you first encountered them. I especially love those improper ones!

10-09-14 Adam @ Home

10-09-09 - Let's work on getting that spirit, huh?!

10-09-09 Stone Soup

10-09-06 - This is my it yours?

10-09-06 Red & Rover

10-09-03 - Here's a thought for those of you who, like me, are still resisting the end of summer...

10-09-03 Red & Rover

10-09-01 - This was in the paper a couple of weeks ago, but it's appropriate for today, don't you think?

10-08-18 Zits

10-08-31 - Hurry...send your dog on a search and enjoy whatever he finds today!!

10-08-31 Red & Rover

10-08-17 - This one is a little older (it was in the paper a couple of weeks ago), but I thought it was also appropriate for today!

10-08-17 Zits

10-08-24 - OK, so I'm thinking that I hope you're in better shape for the new school year than I am (I'm like this teacher here!)...

10-08-24 Frazz

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