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Slope - Lesson 4.6

We started today by looking at something that you've done in the past: figuring out the slope of a given line.  We all remembered that if we have a graph, then it's easy to find the slope by counting the rise over the run:

Rise Over Run Method of finding slope


We then looked at the general case and came up with the following conjecture (I know you've covered this before - just make sure you remember how to do it!!):

The slope formula


We then recalled what different types of sloped lines look should be able to tell which of the line below have positive slope, negative slope, 0 slope, and an undefined slope.

Slopes for Special Conditions


We then looked at the slopes of parallel and perpendicular should be able to confirm that these theorems hold true by using the coordinates given:

Parallel Slope

Perpendicular Slope


We ended by going over the following example...can you answer all the questions posed?  If not, make sure to come to extra help!!

Example Problem

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